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Stretch Leadership
and Management

1-2 December, 2016

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Building Effective, Adaptable, Resilient and Purposeful

In the past years we touched three main topics of innovative leadership - teams, individuals, and organizations. This year we will focus on great teams again. We would like to cover topics such as:

- How to build and maintain high performing teams, who outlearn the competition
- How to be successful in a geographically distributed diverse environment
- What methods can lead to extreme ownership and unbeatable productivity
- What we can utilize from the latest big data and neuroscience research
- What we can learn from teams in sports and non-governmental organizations
- How to improve the quality of collaboration - “from ego system to eco system”

Come to learn from the best and STRETCH yourself!


Jurgen Appelo
Happy Melly

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Peter Hawkins
Renewal Associates

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Jeff Gothelf

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Brendan Marsh

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Mark McKergow
Host Leadership

Leading as a host, not a hero

How to build engagement and responsiveness using a new (yet ancient) leadership metaphor
When we think about leading teams, it’s easy to look too hard at the leader as an individual. What matters more is the relationship between the leader and the team. Mark McKergow will speak about the new yet ancient metaphor of leading as a host, not a hero (or indeed a servant). Building on thousands of years of host-guest relationships, Mark will share his research into how great hosts can lead, and how leaders can learn to host. Thinking of the team as your guests is a rapid and effective first step towards engagement and progress.

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Jeff Gothelf
Sense & Respond: How to Build & Lead Successful Lean Practices in High Growth Companies
with Jeff Gothelf

This hands-on class focuses on managing teams and their activities in an effort to build and scale successful lean practices. We will work together as a group to identify what an ideal process looks like, what gets in the way of implementing it and design explicit tactics to overcome these obstacles. We’ll combine the ideas behind Lean Startup, Agile, Lean UX and modern management to create specific frameworks you can bring back to the office. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with, share experiences with, and learn from peers–leaders who are in a similar position as you.

This is the class for you if:

  • You’re managing multiple product teams and want to get better at coordinating their activities.
  • You’re a senior practitioner or team leader who has run at least one lean experiment, and you’re trying to get better at running experiments.
  • You’re currently working on an agile team, but it feels strangely “waterfall-ish.” You’d like to move to a more continuous and iterative feedback-based process.
  • You have product discovery activities and product delivery activities, but they’re not as well-integrated as you’d like.
  • You want to build your capability to lead the change on your team and at your company

What you’ll learn:
  • How to align your teams’ efforts to larger strategy and to the needs of your business
  • How to frame your teams’ work in a way that encourages exploration and innovation
  • How to structure your projects around risk and learning
  • How to ensure that risk and learning are considered in every iteration
  • How to build consistent product discovery practices into your product delivery cadences

When 30th November 2016

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Budapest is closer than you think

only a short flight away

Conference venue

Uránia Film Theather See it on a map

Uránia Film Theather is located in the centre of Budapest. It was built in the 1880s as a music and dance hall. The building is a combination of Eastern Moorish and Venetian Gothic styles. It was first used as a movie theatre in 1899, when the Uránia Scientific Society hosted a presentation here, illustrated with moving pictures. The name Uránia has been used ever since.

Uránia is not only a beautiful building but an important landmark too - this is where the first independent Hungarian feature film was shot in 1901, and where the first film screening was held after World War II. Today, Uránia is a showcase for Hungarian film, hosting several film festivals and cultural events.

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