Stretch Conference

October 5-6, 2023
Live & Virtual
More than a conference...

Stretch Conference this year will be not only organized as an individual conference but as part of something new. Compass Tech Summit will bring together under one roof several tech conferences, such as Reinforce, Crunch, Amuse and Impact with topics like engineering leadership, UX/UI, data, AI and product management.

5in1 conference

This time you have the chance to join 4 other conferences along with Stretch Conference. How? Stretch, Reinforce, Crunch, Amuse and Impact conferences are going to be at the same time and same venue, so you can get a holistic experience.

Latest trends in engineering leadership

Learn about the latest trends in the topic of engineering leadership from top notch speakers. Deepen your knowledge in diversity, equality, inclusion, agile methodologies or data-driven decision making to elevate your business.

Inspiring talks

Stretch Conference has industry leading experts who are coming from companies like Strava, Bitrise, Reddit, Prezi or GitHub. They are all ready to share their experiences and great knowledge to help you succeed.


Keynote speakers
Stretch 2023 - Tyler Miller
Tyler Miller

Chief Product and Technology Officer at Catawiki

Stretch 2023 - Jason Yip
Jason Yip

Principal at Reinvention Cycle LLC

Featured speakers
Stretch 2023 - Allen Holub
Allen Holub


Stretch 2023 - Aviv Ben-Yosef
Aviv Ben-Yosef

Tech Executive Consultant

Stretch 2023 - James Lewis
James Lewis

Technical Director at ThoughtWorks

Stretch 2023 - Lesley Cordero
Lesley Cordero

Staff Software Engineer at The New York Times

Stretch 2023 - Patrick Kua
Patrick Kua

CTO Coach and EM/Tech Lead Trainer at Patrick Kua

Who is it for?

Stretch Conference is the perfect place for:

  • Product Owners

  • Product Managers

  • Engineering Managers

  • Team Leads

  • Scrum Masters

or anyone who is eager to shift towards a more collaborative, inclusive, and data-driven approach concerning leadership and management.

Compass Tech Summit in numbers
Why people love Stretch Conference?
Stretch 2023 - Amber Vanderburg
Amber Vanderburg
"This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from others through sessions, hallway talks, and after-session gatherings. Always thought-provoking and engaging discussion in a fun setting in Budapest"
Stretch 2023 - Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor
"I have spoken at many events and StretchCon is one of the absolute best – a great balance of both high professionalism and high friendliness and authenticity, speakers are well looked after and the setup is excellent, Budapest is a truly world-class city with so much to enjoy, and then you get to be at the event too, which is really well curated, with a great variety of other excellent speakers, and a friendly, engaging set of attendees. If you speak here once, you will want to come every year!"
Stretch 2023 - Hélio Vogas
Hélio Vogas
"Stretch brought together a wide-variety of leadership speakers. That's unsual and great because it gives the audience a diversity of thought that is not commonly seen in many conferences. This gives anyone attending, many options to choose from and improve their leadership skills with what is most important for them at that moment."
Stretch 2023 - Continental
Stretch 2023 - BoschStretch 2023 - EPAMStretch 2023 - K&HStretch 2023 - ZEISS
Stretch 2023 - DiligentStretch 2023 - EricssonStretch 2023 - Neuron SolutionsStretch 2023 - SAP
Stretch 2023 - greehillStretch 2023 - Shapr3D
Stretch 2023 - EkataStretch 2023 - HearsayStretch 2023 - Lufthansa SystemsStretch 2023 - Mother DuckStretch 2023 - Turbine
Professional Partners
Stretch 2023 - 6x6 TaxiStretch 2023 - ApiumHubStretch 2023 - ApiX-DriveStretch 2023 - ColossyanStretch 2023 - DevITJobsStretch 2023 - IVSZStretch 2023 - McKinsey DigitalStretch 2023 - Qubit LabsStretch 2023 - Startup Hungary
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A hub making knowledge available and helping tech crafters to continuously improve their skills. Today, this organization is a multifaceted IT event management company with a diverse portfolio of conferences, hackathons, developer competitions, meetups and workshops both online and offline.
Stretch 2023 - Crafthub
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