Stretch 2023 - Jason Yip
Jason Yip
Principal at Reinvention Cycle LLC
About Jason Yip

Jason is a 20+ years Agile coach/consultant/practitioner since 1999 when he first encountered Extreme Programming. Previously, Jason was a Staff Agile Coach at Spotify and a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks.

What does "productivity" really mean at different levels? Individual, team, organisation.
Engineering Leadership
organisational design
Level: Intermediate
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Stretch Stage
October 5, 09:40 - 10:40 CET

Do you want to learn how to boost your productivity at individual, team, and organisational levels? If so, this presentation is for you. Individual productivity is about increased focus, frequent feedback, and reduced friction. Team productivity is about “flow over utilisation” and integration. Organisational productivity is about allocating effort, reducing relearning, and taking parallel bets. B...

"We're in it together" and other perspectives on effective product development culture (circa 2023)
Engineering Leadership
Level: General
In schedule:
Stretch Stage
October 6, 15:40 - 16:25 CET

Have you watched those Spotify engineering culture videos? They were trendy and influential but that was around nine years ago. What might we say about effective product development culture today? In this talk, Jason will share a summary of 2023-era effective product development culture based on his eight years at Spotify and 14 years at ThoughtWorks. This will include core beliefs, guiding princi...