Stretch 2023 - Richard Farkas
Richard Farkas
NLP Research Group Leader at University of Szeged
About Richard Farkas

Richárd Farkas, Phd has been working in the field of Artificial Intelligence for 20 years, author of 120+ scientific publications, delivered 10+ successful business NLP projects, 10+ open source software and databases. Currently, he leads an NLP research group at the University of Szeged, managing RTD NLP projects. He is also the leader of the NLP work package of the National Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence.

The right LLM for the job
Engineering Leadership
ai business
Level: Intermediate+
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Stretch Stage
October 6, 13:40 - 14:25 CET

The last 10 months of Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been dominated by ChatGPT. Altough, it's a great tool for some tasks and business contexts, it is not the right tool/large language model for each and every tasks and business contexts. In this talk, I discuss the the most important aspects we should take into account when we select the right NLP approach and toolset for our particular pr...