Stretch 2023 - Samantha Coffman
Samantha Coffman
Senior Product Manager at Spotify
About Samantha Coffman

Samantha is a Senior Product Manager at Spotify, currently focused on building paid plugins for Backstage, an open-source framework for creating developer portals. With a career that includes roles at HelloFresh, Sauce Labs, and Cisco before joining Spotify, she has gained extensive experience in the tech industry. Her focus has always been on equipping internal teams with a strong product-oriented mindset.

Samantha's true passion lies in platform product management, where she strives to challenge the belief that internal customers should receive any less care and empathy than external ones. She is also focused on enhancing developer experiences and promoting happiness among developers in their work environment. Samantha is based in London.

Boosting Platform Teams with Product Thinking: Tapping into the 4th Team Topology
Engineering Leadership
Level: Intermediate
In schedule:
Stretch Stage
October 5, 16:00 - 16:45 CET

This talk unveils the journey undertaken by a Platform Product Manager in her journey at HelloFresh and Spotify in reshaping traditional platform teams into dynamic forces guided by a product-first philosophy informed by the 4th topology outlined in Team Topologies. Rooted in these principles, HelloTech and Spotify platform teams have been reimagined as compelling internal product providers, accel...