Stretch 2023 - Zsolt Vadócz
Zsolt Vadócz
Head of Digitalisation at K&H
About Zsolt Vadócz

Zsolt graduated in economics, but throughout his 20-year career he has always worked close to IT and innovation. He was responsible for delivery of major projects, project office and then management of the entire IT area in a commercial bank for 10+ years. Currently, he leads the Innovation Directorate of K&H, where he and his team work on the development of "classic" digital channels and the introduction of new innovative technologies and products. One of his most exciting tasks is the creation and further development of Kate, K&H's digital financial assistant, but he is also excited by the challenge of using artificial intelligence as widely as possible. He has two wonderful daughters and is also keenly interested in innovative solutions in his personal life.

Kate, your AI-based digital financial assistant from K&H
Engineering Leadership
Level: General
In schedule:
Innovation Stage
October 6, 10:30 - 11:15 CET

Prepare for an exciting journey into the future of banking with Kate, the first AI-based digital financial assistant in Hungary. In this presentation, we unravel Kate’s moments from her birth through kindergarten to becoming a real Bank executive reshaping the financial landscape of AI assistants....