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Our sponsors make Stretch possible. Without their support, we would not be where we are today. Here you can find everything there is about sponsoring us and our community.

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This year’s sponsors
Stretch 2023 - Continental
Stretch 2023 - BoschStretch 2023 - EPAMStretch 2023 - K&HStretch 2023 - ZEISS
Stretch 2023 - DiligentStretch 2023 - EricssonStretch 2023 - Neuron SolutionsStretch 2023 - SAP
Stretch 2023 - greehillStretch 2023 - Shapr3D
Stretch 2023 - EkataStretch 2023 - HearsayStretch 2023 - Lufthansa SystemsStretch 2023 - Mother DuckStretch 2023 - Turbine
Professional Partners
Stretch 2023 - 6x6 TaxiStretch 2023 - ApiumHubStretch 2023 - ApiX-DriveStretch 2023 - ColossyanStretch 2023 - DevITJobsStretch 2023 - IVSZStretch 2023 - McKinsey DigitalStretch 2023 - Qubit LabsStretch 2023 - Startup Hungary

This year's Stretch will be held together with 4 other conferences


Detailed attendee statistics for 2022 hybrid Stretch


Why is it worth joining us?

  • Recruitment

    Reaching the most outstanding IT leaders and managers. Talk about your company and its open positions and answer their questions near your sponsor booth

  • Employer branding

    Strong employer branding and potential recruitment activity among the senior generation. Even if they are not actively looking for a change they must list your company when the time comes

  • Software demo / sales

    Our attendees are a mix of users and decision-makers. They can get to know and try out your product at your booth or through a workshop during the conference. You can even offer trial periods to all attendees and ask for their feedback

Sales contact & info
Stretch 2023 - Médea Baccifava
Médea Baccifava
CraftHub Founder, Sponsor Manager
Sponsor related questions
Stretch 2023 - Dávid Komáromi
Dávid Komáromi
Sales Coordinator
Sponsor related questions
Stretch 2023 - Marcell Maráczi
Marcell Maráczi
Junior Sales Manager
Sponsor related questions
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