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Stretch Stage
October 6, 16:45 - 17:30 CET
Cadenced culture: the key to high-performing teams based on trust.
Engineering Leadership
Level: General

Rituals and practices that help teams to stay focused, productive, and aligned.

In high pressure organisations, working in agile ways in complex contexts, we need to maintain a dynamic culture. This requires an active balance of four dynamics:

1.       Grouping for specialisation: dividing people into groups based on their skills, interests, or backgrounds in order to develop diverse specialised capabilities.
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2.       Blending groups: sharing knowledge and understanding, leading to a more uniform understanding or approach, and bringing people together to learn about each other and share their experiences.

3.       Personal empowerment: to enable each individual to contribute fully to the group, empowering each person to use their unique skills and perspectives for the benefit of the group, and helping individuals to develop their own unique talents and abilities.
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4.       Unity: bringing together all the different parts of a group to work towards a common goal, unifying the group, aligning everyone's efforts around a shared mission and purpose.

This session will take you through two simple things, with examples from Benjamin’s work:

·         How to quickly get a feel for imbalances in these four dynamics.

·         The rituals and practices that can bring them into balance for effectiveness and trust.

Stretch 2023 - Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor
Managing Partner at RedQuadrant

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