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Stretch Stage
October 5, 16:55 - 17:40 CET
Solve Your Team's Communications Problem – The Illusion That It Has Taken Place
Engineering Leadership
Level: General

Stop miscommunication in its tracks. Whether your team is working in person, remotely or hybrid, an absence of understanding results in team problems. In this entertaining and practical session, learn to avoid these problems. Learn to command attention, listen proactively, and run more effective meetings. A particular focus is on written skills and more effective email communications. Using numerous stories and examples along with audience interaction exercises, this session teaches leaders how to create a team that practices open communication. Unlock the power of collaboration within your team – think, “yes, and” like an improvisational actor. Create a more innovative team culture drawing on diverse opinions and ideas. Laugh, learn, and exceed your organizational goals. 


- How to connect with people, keep their attention and gift them with your attention

- To share control vs taking control during a face-to-face or virtual meeting

- Tips for more meaningful conversations, effective listening, and email usage

- Steps to create a team environment that affirms and builds trust

Stretch 2023 - Glenn Anderson
Glenn Anderson
Professional Speaker at Glenn Anderson Speaks

Glenn Anderson is a professional public speaker. Glenn helps teams effectively collaborate and communicate. His presentations and webinars combine decades of corporate experience and teaching with his passion for performing improvisational comedy. The result - your audience is energized and equipped to surpass their goals.Glenn knows what it takes to capture attention in the business world. He enj...