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Stretch Stage
October 5, 11:55 - 12:40 CET
Unlocking Human Potential: Empowering Individuals with Transforming Performance Reviews
Engineering Leadership
Level: General

In this talk, we explore the profound concept of Ikigai, the Japanese philosophy that helps individuals discover their purpose and achieve fulfillment in life. We delve into the importance of guiding people toward finding their center meaning and unlocking their full potential. Moreover, we tackle the challenge of transforming performance reviews and annual assessments into powerful tools for personal and professional growth. Drawing from personal experiences and hands-on expertise, we discuss key parameters and strategies to create a positive feedback culture, foster self-driven growth, and implement distributed promotion systems within teams. This talk aims to inspire and equip attendees with practical insights to enable individuals to thrive and organizations to maximize their talent. By sharing practical insights and personal experiences, this talk aims to inspire individuals to seek their Ikigai and organizations to create an environment that fosters personal growth, well-being, and the realization of human potential

Stretch 2023 - Kadri Pirn
Kadri Pirn
Core Team Member at The unFIX Company

Kadri has 15+ years of experience in software delivery projects and product engineering tribes. While having a technical background, she has been focusing on the delivery with the team and people. She has led the transformation from teams to tribes and implemented the Pipedrive Agile Framework in a few companies. She is a big believer in fluid teaming, transparency, and internal drive. Today ...