We are sharing some important information to help you prepare for Stretch Conference 2023 that is going to be part of Compass Tech Summit. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us at hello@stretchcon.com, on social media, Hopin or just wave at us 👋

How to join Hopin? 💻

Our virtual venue for Compass Tech Summit and the official communication channel for all attendees is Hopin.

If you haven’t used Hopin before, please, check out this little tutorial and read our info package about all the important features. On October 4 keep tracking your email as you are going to get your so-called Magic Link with the title ‘Your online ticket for Compass Tech Summit 2023’ which lets you enter the online scene.

Do you have trouble with joining?

Contact us at hello@stretchcon.com

Join our free meetups before Stretch Conference! 🤝

We have some warm-up before the conference starts with some exciting free meetups in Budapest.

Check out the meetup that you can visit!

Deepen your knowledge at our workshops!📙

We have numerous pre-event workshops that are happening at different locations and not at the venue of the conference! Ticket holders are going to receive an email with all the important information on September 29, 5 PM CET.

Click to see the workshop details!

Stretch 2023 DETAILS

Venue 📍

Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park / Hungarian Railway Museum

1142 Budapest, Tatai út 95. (Google Maps)

How to get there?

Here you can find all the possible options to get to the conference either by car, train, bus or taxi.

Wifi 🌐

SSID: CompassTechSummit

Password: crafthub.events


Registration start: October 4 (Thursday) 8:20 AM

Arriving later? Don’t worry, you can check in at the infopoint after the official registration hours.

What do you need?

Download your ticket in PDF (you can add it to your Apple Wallet), or print it and show it at the check-in! You can do this by clicking on the "VIEW TICKET" button and scrolling down to the bottom of the page!

Please have your ID/passport with you in case we need to look you up in the system.

Make sure you receive your conference badge with your name that is mandatory for entering the premises on both days. The conference badge cannot be replaced - especially not on the second day of the event, and without it you cannot enter the conference. Please wear it at a visible place at all times.

We'll provide cloakrooms for free.

IMPORTANT: As you might already know Stretch is going to be part of Compass Tech Summit. Please, when completing your registration select the conference that you are interested in as we are going to give you the proper badge to enter the scene.

Menu 🍴

Catering is provided throughout the conference. We have different options for every kind of dietary needs.

You can find this year's menu here!

Share the vibe! 💚

Post and tweet about us with the hashtag #StretchConf and let your friends know about your attendance at Compass Tech Summit 2023.