Why to join Stretch Conference?

Check out some of the key factors why it worths attending Stretch Conference


More than a conference...

Stretch Conference is all about a learning path. We are here to keep you up to date on the current topics and trends in the field of leadership and management in engineering. At Stretch, we are fellow leaders, and our mission is to help you grow with the greatest speakers in the industry by how to lead, fail, learn, and stretch.

  • 5in1 conference

    This year your ticket is not only valid for Amuse Conference but you can also visit Amuse, Reinforce, Crunch and Impact conferences to get insights on engineering leadership, AI, ML, data or product management.

  • Level up your game

    Learn from the greatest experts who tell you about the latest trends and best practices in engineering leadership. The conference is a great way to get inspired and gain hands-on knowledge in a short period of time.

  • Find new opportunities

    Meet other like-minded people who join Amuse to learn about user experience. It is important to have leadership events, where people can learn about this profession. Start conversations, meet new people, get in touch with industry leading companies and find the your perfect job. Do not forget, networking is key!

  • Deepen your knowledge

    Talk sessions are a great way to get inspired, but you can also join workshops where you have the chance to dig deeper and get hands-on knowledge of UX best practices.

  • You won't miss a talk

    You might need to refresh your memory later. Thanks to being hybrid, the recordings will be available, and you can get back to them. You can choose to join from abroad or come to Budapest in person. Either way, the recordings are granted, so you won't miss a thing and can rewatch the talks later.

  • A community that is for you

    CraftHub wishes to create a community where everyone can find something from the tech world to hold onto. Join the journey to find a tech family where you can learn, grow and network.