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2023. October 5.,
In schedule:
Central Workshop
October 5, 14:30 - 15:00 CET
Deliver Quality from Shelters
Engineering Leadership
Level: General

February 24th transformed Ukraine and Europe. As the war took hold, our tech world faced an immediate test: How do you maintain software quality and deliver projects when everything's in chaos? This wasn't just a theoretical challenge; in a company with 14K employees in Ukraine finding the answer was urgent.

In this talk, as the Director of Software Quality, I'll take you through our real-time crisis playbook:

  1. Fast Big Picture: Rapidly assimilate the project status, underpinned by a swift evaluation mechanism.

  2. Business Continuity: Review and adjust team processes, ensuring pivotal roles have an interim cover.

  3. RACI Matrix Implementation: Reinstate the RACI framework to delineate roles crisply, with backups designated for critical positions.

  4. Metrics-Driven Improvement: Employ performance metrics to monitor response effectiveness, recalibrating strategies rooted in real-time data.

  5. Optimization & Stakeholder Engagement: Delve into technical redressals specific to the crisis, buttressed by quality checkpoints, all while ensuring transparent client communication.

You would get the knowledge of how in 2-3 weeks bring performance to the “before-war” state, build the measurable testing framework, keep solid quality gates and handle customers’ communication literally from the trenches.

Stretch 2023 - Maryna Didkovska
Maryna Didkovska
Quality Engineering Director at EPAM

Maryna Didkovska is a Quality Engineering Director at EPAM Systems. As a Test Manager, Delivery manager and Software automation engineer, Maryna has managed teams to build scalable testing process on a projects with over 600 participants , develop testing ecosystems on Enterprise level, find solutions to quality architectural challenges, and coached others be experts and leaders. Being PhD in Soft...