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Fireside chat with Raul Popa - Untold Stories Conference x Stretch Meetup

22/09/2021 at online

Stretch Leadership Meetup - September 29, 2021

29/09/2021 at online

Stretch Leadership Meetup - December 6, 2021

06/12/2021 at Online

Dawn Parzych

Hitting the pause button

with Dawn Parzych

We are bombarded by stories and advice on how to build successful careers. We look up to people that have “drive and passion” which is often code for people willing to dedicate their life to the company and work 60-80 hours a week. This isn’t sustainable or healthy. These stories often drive us to come up with 5 or 10-year career goals and try and follow them with a laser focus. The problem is things change quickly and 10 years is a long time. Your priorities and values may change during this time. If they do shouldn’t your career path change with it? Pausing your career can mean different things: Changing career fields Taking a role with less responsibility (such as from manager to individual contributor) Not working (sabbatical, hiatus, etc) Temporarily working reduced hours In this talk, practical advice will be given for managers and individuals on how to navigate a career-break both from the company and individual perspective.

Gábor Nádai Gergely Hodicska Keve Kutner Fanni Karolina Toth

The good, the bad and the remote - a panel discussion about what our team sees in the Black Mirror

with Gábor Nádai & Gergely Hodicska & Keve Kutner & Fanni Karolina Toth

These high-performing individuals brought together the lineup for this year’s Stretch conference. What are the challenges they foresee for next year? What are the leadership struggles that preoccupy their minds?

Lynda Girvan

Business Agility - a personal journey

with Lynda Girvan

Being a truly agile organisation is something most aspire to, especially in a Volatile, Uncertain, Ambiguous and Complex (VUCA) world. Today, many organisations are looking to reinvent themselves or their products and services in order to align with market trends and keep up with technological developments. This coupled with demand from consumers for the new and exciting means that organisations and leaders must respond and adapt faster than ever before just to stay in business. To achieve this, many are looking to undertake their own business agility transformation journeys. But what does ‘being’ an agile organisation mean and how hard is it to do? As well as supporting clients in business agility, Lyn Girvan will share how she has shone a light on her own organisation, CMC Partnership Consultancy Ltd, and taken them on their own personal discovery journey into business agility. In this talk Lynda will provide: An understanding of business agility and the benefits to be achieved through an agile transformation. Identify key challenges facing organisations and leaders who want to achieve business agility. Share her personal journey in taking CMC on their own path to achieving organizational agility including: Challenges overcome. Success, and failures experienced. Cultural benefits achieved. Leadership challenges.

Conscious Leadership Budapest Meetup - December 6, 2021

06/12/2021 at Online

Conscious Leadership Budapest

Mi az utad tudatos vezetőként?

with Conscious Leadership Budapest

Mindenki elsősorban önmagáért felelős. Ugyanakkor vezetőként felelős vagy azért a 10, 100 vagy akár néhány 1000 emberért, akinek az életére hatással vagy. Ez hatalom. A tudatos vezetés nekünk az, hogy ezt a hatalmat megtöltjük értelemmel és jóra fordítjuk úgy, hogy közben jönnek az üzleti eredmények. Te erről mit gondolsz? Te ezt hogyan csinálod? Gyere és oszd meg tapasztalataidat, kérdéseidet! Tanuljunk egymástól. Gyere el hasonló keresőkkel barátkozni!