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Stretch Leadership Meetup

14/09/2022 at McKinsey Digital - Budapest, Buda-part tér 2, 1117

Peter Varga

Starting from Scratch

with Peter Varga

A story of how I built a successful development team with strong values.

I will tell you some stories and a few tricks about how I created a team built on values. I am not a dogmatic leader, but I have formulated a set of values that are helping me on a daily base to reach my three main goals: happy team, happy clients, and healthy profit.

Mark Szabo

The price I paid for sacrificing work-life-balance and my journey to becoming a tech lead

with Mark Szabo

Stretch Leadership Conference Meetup

28/11/2022 at Uránia Film Theather

Amber Vanderburg

How To Lead Change as the Newbie

with Amber Vanderburg

How do we lead change in a team that we just met? How do we change in an organization that we are just now getting to know? What do we do in our first week? First month?

In this session, attendees can learn how to lead effective change in their organization and traps that leaders blunder traps that some can fall into if ignored. Sometimes even our best intentions can be sabotaged through poor implementation and here Amber will give all Agile leaders the knowledge, resources, and tools needed to lead effective change.