While leadership is a fascinating area, the required skills are almost the hardest to improve. To make sure we can lead our teams, support others to solve problems, and help them to grow, we need to learn, grow and solve our problems first. And to become a great leader, we need to become great managers first.

Stretch Conference is all about this learning path. We are here to keep you up to date on the current topics and trends in the field of leadership, management and beyond. At Stretch, we are fellow leaders, and our mission is to help you grow with the greatest speakers in the industry by how to lead, fail, learn, and stretch.

Join us at the next Stretch Conference if you are a leader, a manager, a business owner, or simply interested in how to become a better leader and how to make the best out of your team.

What makes Stretch so special?

🔊We have a diverse set of speakers from industry-leading companies, our speakers will present a wide range of the most up-to-date topics from the field of business management and leadership.

🚀 We have entry-level topics for managers who just started their career, while we also try to iterate on more complicated topics, and discover the future of leadership.

🎤With keynote sessions and hands-on talks, our speakers, expert leaders share their great experience, stories, and knowledge to help you grow.

🤩Our strong community can inspire you: you can meet with nearly 500 international professionals, fellow leaders and managers during the 2 conference days.

🎥We share most of the talks and their materials with you after the conference.

📍You can enjoy the wonderful city of Budapest for 2 days, where the event is taking place. Our venue is located in the heart of the city.